AIM is proud to welcome CalFresh/EBT at our all of our farmers markets. Please bring your EBT card to the Information booth to have your EBT card processed. You will then be able to visit our farmers, ranchers, cheesemakers, and bakers to purchase food items with silver tokens. Eligible items for purchase include: fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, poultry, dairy products, breads, cereals, seeds and plants which produce food. Hot foods and flowers cannot be purchased using food stamp benefits.

To apply for CalFresh benefits, click here.


Market Match is currently being offered at all AIM farmers markets.  Market Match will be offered for a limited time, until funds are exhausted.  Please call (415) 472-6100 to be sure that the program is currently being offered.
Market Match Summer Program: June-August
Market Match Winter Season: December-February

Market Match is an incentive program which offers shoppers double value when they use EBT/Food Stamps at AIM’s Farmers Markets. For example, when a customer swipes their EBT card for between $1-$10 in EBT tokens at the Information Booth, they will receive a one-to-one match up to $10 in Market Match tokens. Market Match is now being offered at all AIM markets. The program will continue until all of the funds have been used, likely through the Summer.

AIM is grateful for the generous support from our partners and funders who have enabled us to offer the Market Match program once again this year. AIM’s Market Match program is supported by Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit Programs, Marin Countywide Healthy Eating Active Living Initiative & the Marin County Department of Health and Human Services, Wholesome Wave as well as the Ecology Center (through the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program).

To find where Market Match is offered throughout the state, click here.


AIM is also pleased to welcome WIC (Women, Infants, Children supplemental nutrition program) at our markets. WIC is a federally-funded health and nutrition program for women, infants, and children. WIC helps families by providing checks for buying healthy supplemental foods from WIC-authorized vendors. Participants must meet income guidelines and be pregnant women, new mothers, infants or children under age five. WIC checks can be used to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, and fresh edible herbs. They cannot be used to purchase non-produce foods including honey, nuts, eggs, baked goods, flowers, or dried fruit. WIC checks can be given directly to participating farmers for the produce. To apply to be a WIC participant, click here.


“Affordable” may not be the first word that comes to mind when people think about their local farmers market. “Fresh, flavor-packed, high-quality, diverse, and nutrient-dense” are more widely accepted descriptions of the produce, meats, and cheeses you’ll find here. But shopping at your local farmers market can be affordable, it can even save you money – especially if you’re willing to cook at home with the fruits and vegetables that are abundant at the peak of their season!

AIM compared the prices of organic and conventional produce at our Marin Civic Center Farmers Markets to the prices at our neighborhood Whole Foods and Safeway. We’re proud to say that the Marin Civic Center Farmers Markets’ average price on 14 seasonal fruits and vegetables beat Whole Foods (by 51 cents) and Safeway (by 49 cents), not to mention in variety and freshness of product. May fresh and local food be enjoyed by all!

The prices listed below were collected on 12/19/13 in San Rafael, CA.

price comparison 2013

Click here to download a PDF version of our 2009 price comparison.

Click here to download a PDF version of our 2011 price comparison.