In Transition

Expanding the Reach of Local Food

For the past few years, the Ag. Institute’s Farm to Fork program has been proudly helping our farmers and specialty food purveyors to sell additional products to local school, business and institutional customers, above and beyond their sales at our farmers’ markets. Our intent was never to become a distributor but rather to be an educator to schools, hospitals and restaurants regarding the benefits of supporting local agriculture by sourcing food as locally as possible. Farm to Fork was established to demonstrate that there is a demand for local food and a need to create new and innovative ways to connect local eaters and local farmers and food producers. We have accomplished this goal! At the same time, we are faced with the reality that this is a costly effort that is not economically sustainable for us to continue.

After April 15, Ag. Institute will no longer distribute food. The Farm to Fork program will continue to encourage schools, institutions, food service programs and businesses to buy from local producers directly at the markets. We will continue to advocate, educate and promote our vendor’s businesses through education, special events, fostering relationships with new customers and assistance in marketing the outstanding locally produced products from our region. If you have any questions, please contact Leah Smith, Director of Outreach:

(415) 472-6100 x111