Brigitte Moran
CEO/Executive Director
Phone: (415) 472-6100 x 109

In 2004, Brigitte Moran joined AIM, and its sister organization Marin Farmers Markets, as our Executive Director. She has over 20 years experience facilitating farmers markets, having started the downtown San Rafael Farmers Market on 4th Street in 1989. She has owned and operated a restaurant with her daughter and mother, and coordinated a diverse array of public and private events as an event producer. Brigitte is dedicated to realizing AIM’s vision of building a pavilion focused on celebrating the region’s agricultural roots, while simultaneously supporting the development and the success of our 500 local farmers, food purveyors, and artisans, and educating and connecting communities to local agriculture. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Center for Volunteer and Non-Profit Leadership, and the Farmer Market Coalition, a non-profit representing farmers markets nationwide.

Ann Huseman
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: (415) 472-6100 x 106

Ann’s passion is working for nonprofits whose mission she believes in: previous incarnations saw her working for a hospital, symphony orchestra and retreat center. As AIM’s Financial Administrator for the last six years, she is responsible for the accounting, human resource, information technology, contracts/permitting, insurance and corporate record-keeping functions. She enjoys working with people and does whatever it takes to make sure AIM’s operations and systems running smoothly (including making morning coffee!). Her latest agricultural interests are biodynamic farming and learning how to cook. She holds a Master’s in International Management from the American Graduate School of International Management in Phoenix, Arizona.

Chris Blackburn
Operations Manager & Market Manager – Thursday Marin & Sunday Marin
Phone: (415) 472-6100 x 112

Christopher manages our Grand Lake Oakland Farmers Market. He grew up in the 1970’s counter culture of Eugene, Oregon. His family has deep roots in the lumber industry, which made for interesting dinner conversations during a wave of environmental change, and continues to be a central connection to the valued traditions of his hometown. After college, Christopher served two years with AmeriCorps traveling throughout the US and neighboring countries providing disaster relief through the American Red Cross and working with inner city youth in Washington, DC and Charleston, South Carolina. After returning home from service he became a fire fighter/EMT in Florence, OR. Christopher has a strong sense of service and humor and is life-long Oregon Duck fan. An interesting fact: Christopher met his wife (Emily) at an AIM farmers market in the East Bay.

emmettEmmett Brady

Market Manager – Grand Lake – Oakland
Phone: 415-472-6100 x 101

Emmett was born abroad and grew up around the United States before he settled down on a small family farm in Tennessee. After that, he headed to Kenyon College amidst the corn fields of Ohio where he earned his BA in Anthropology with a focus on sustainable agriculture. He moved out to the Bay Area at the end of 2009 where he rose through the AIM ranks starting off as a volunteer at the Oakland – Grand Lake Market. Though his favorite food is rice, that doesn’t stop him from constantly experimenting in the kitchen . . . which isn’t always successful, but that’s what roommates are for.

grant headshotGrant Allen
Phone: (415) 472-6100 x 103

Grant is AIM’s new Controller, responsible for all of AIM’s accounting-related activities. Having worked as Controller for several “Name Brand” organizations throughout the  Bay Area, as well as co-founding an Accounting Firm, Grant’s passions are developing efficient systems to support the overall operations of organizations, ensuring corporate compliance, maintaining the day to day accounting functions and lastly, he loves taxation. In his spare time, Grant teaches scuba lessons throughout California (mostly Monterey Bay, Lake Tahoe and Catalina Island).  Grant loves music and plays the trumpet.

rsz_guy_headshotGuy Wright
Market Manager – Hayward
Phone: (415) 472-6100 x 105

Guy was raised in San Rafael most his life with a brief visit to Boston. After 2 years he returned to California for his love of the sun was just too strong. Guy has always believed that a strong community is the basis for a strong world so it was only a matter of time till he joined AIM’s team, starting first as an assistant at the Hayward and Newark markets, then quickly moving to full time. When he is not making the markets safer by ensuring up to date insurance you can find him at the Thursday Civic Center and Sunday Stonestown markets with a smile on his face…and maybe a yoyo in his hand.

Jessica WilsonJessica Wilson
Market Manager – Clement Street & The Picnic
Phone: (415) 472-6100 x 118

Jessica grew up on farms and in rural areas of Denmark, New York and North Carolina.  She finished her undergraduate work at Warren Wilson College, a small rural college tucked in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, where a popular saying is, “there are more cows than students.” After receiving her undergraduate degree, she went on to receive her master’s degree in Religious Studies from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.  It was during her time here that she began volunteering at film festivals and other private events and developed a love for non-profit organizations and event producing. After traveling the globe producing events, Jessica settled in San Francisco in 2010.  She believes that caring, dedicated people can make a difference and is proud to be part of such an amazing organization that is so determined to do good in this beautiful corner of the world.

Katy Chapman
Office Administrator & Market Manager – Stonestown
Phone: (415) 472-6100 x 108

Katy, a native of San Francisco, had the good fortune of growing up in North Beach. There she was dazzled by the growing culture of music, fashion, and food. Think rock ’n’ roll, bell bottoms, and the start of eating organic and raw! With a long history in the food industry, starting with a family owned restaurant during her childhood, to working posh parties on Nob Hill, followed by private catering and then back to the restaurant industry, she is excited to now be working for the people who make it all possible, the farmers! Katy has proudly passed her passion for food onto her 3 kids; they can cook up a meal to please any palate. Whether biking, hiking or kayaking, Katy’s passions are centered around family, friends and (of course) food!

Leah Smith
Director of Programs
Phone: (415) 472-6100 x 111

Leah Smith has served as AIM’s Director of Programs for more than 3 years, and has worked in Marin County to further the sustainable agriculture movement for more than 10 years. She previously worked with Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT) and directed EECOM’s Marin Food Systems Project. Leah attended Pitzer College where she was the first person to graduate with honors in Environmental Studies. She then received a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship to live and do agricultural research in Nepal for a year. She has more than a dozen years of experience in agricultural education, community outreach, event planning and program development. She is committed to and passionate about local food and sustainable agriculture. Having worked on a farm and as lover of cooking, she finds great pleasure in the work she is engaged in.

Nick Davantes
Market Manager – Sunday Marin Farmers Market
Phone: (415) 472-6100 x 110

Nick is the Hayward market manager and also co-operations manager for AIM.  He is locally sourced here in San Rafael and grew up going to the Marin Markets.  After studying Construction Management at Chico State University , Nick returned to Marin and started working for AIM one day a week as a waste station manager.  Now, after almost a year with the organization he is a full time manager of the Hayward market and also operations manager at the Sunday Civic Center market in San Rafael.  When not sprinting through the market, you can usually find Nick doing some sort of extreme sports activity or relaxing on the beach playing volleyball with friends.

peterPeter Healy
Market Manager – Newark Farmers Market
Phone: (415) 472-6100 x 107

Peter grew up getting his hands dirty in his parents’ sunny Southern California garden. He learned from a young age to appreciate the food on his plate and to understand its origins. He also inherited his parents’ love and respect for the natural environment which eventually led to a BS in Environmental Science from the University of California Santa Barbara. After securing his diploma, Peter ventured to the south of India, where he lived in a community whose goal was to live sustainably. Upon his return to the US, Peter continued to live sustainably while working on an organic farm in Boulder, CO. After a season on the farm, Peter landed back in the Bay Area where he worked as an environmental consultant for a few years. When the opportunity to work for AIM presented itself, Peter dropped what he was doing and seized it!

Sarah Darcey-Martin
Director of Outreach
Phone: (415) 472-6100 x 104

Sarah oversees AIM’s advertising, communications, and marketing efforts.  Having grown up eating garden vegetables and homemade tofu, Sarah has always been passionate about local, healthy and delicious food and is thrilled to put this passion to work.  Before joining AIM, Sarah spent six years in the nonprofit world in marketing, fundraising and event management roles.  Sarah has a BA from Boston University and studied abroad in West Africa.  Sarah enjoys exploring, traveling, hiking, dancing, and – of course – cooking and eating.

Tanya website photoTanya Small

Director of Markets
Phone: (415) 472-6100 x 113

Tanya grew up in the small town of St. Helena, and got her start in agriculture at an early age picking grapes and helping her family make wine. She has a BA in International Studies from the University of Arkansas Little Rock, which she attended on a volleyball scholarship. Tanya has worked in the wine industry, management and sales before joining AIM in 2004. She enjoys knowing and talking with the people who grow and raise her food, and loves the community feeling that comes from managing and attending the farmers market every week. She spends her free time with her family, traveling to Mexico, playing volleyball, dancing, cooking and eating and is known to break dance spontaneously.

Tyler Thayer
Educational Program & Farm Audit Coordinator
Phone: (415) 472-6100 x 114

Tyler has been working in farmers markets for over 23 years. He has worn most every hat imaginable since he joined our team in 2000, ranging from managing markets to leading our market tour programs to keeping track of all of the permits and forms that come through our office for our over 500 members. He is now transitioning to lead our educational outreach programs. He especially loves to work with children of all ages to help them learn how to make healthy food choices by leading fun-filled farmers market tours of our Thursday market (his new nickname is “Mr. Green Jeans”), as well as engaging students by talking with them directly at their schools. Spending time with his family, taking his wonderful dog on long runs and hikes, playing tennis, and photography keep him out of trouble.