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Marin IJ Beet: Tomatoes are peaking, make gazpacho

It is widely accepted that tomatoes, despite their veggie-like characteristics, are technically a fruit, but did you know that in 1886 the “fruit or vegetable” debate went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court? [...]

Lawsuit Challenges the Future of Small-Scale Livestock Production at Point Reyes National Seashore

If you follow Sir Francis Drake Boulevard down the Point Reyes Peninsula toward the lighthouse, beyond the now-vacated Drakes Estero, you might find yourself at Historic Ranch B, also known as Double M Dairy. Here, [...]

“Ranching in the Park: Not by Accident”

A Marin Conservation League series of workshops.

2016 Unbroken Ground Film Preview from Patagonia Provisions

Our food choices are deeply connected to climate change. Food will play a critical role in the next frontier of our efforts to solve the environmental crisis. Join us to celebrate the release of Unbroken Ground, [...]

Farmers market’s temporary move

If you’ve been to the Thursday Marin Farmers Market in the last six weeks, you know that the market has been relocated to the Northgate mall during construction of the round-about on Civic Center Drive. [...]

Farmers Market Beet: Cool, crisp cucumbers perfect for summer salads

On a hot summer day, nothing cools like a crisp, fresh cucumber from the farmers market. Cucumbers are extremely low in calories yet surprisingly filling. They are a great source of vitamin K, potassium and [...]

The Public on Your Porch: On-Farm Education at Windrush Farm

It is hard for me to trace back to the first time I yielded to the impulse to throw open the gates of the farm and invite strangers in. Now, some twenty years later, I [...]

Farm Field Studies program shows kids where healthy food comes from

These days, terms like ‘organic,’ ‘sustainable,’ ‘locally sourced’ and ‘farm to table’ are commonly tossed around in the media as well as at cocktail parties, in regard to what we are eating—whether it be at [...]

Sage Bakehouse makes Bay Area’s Best savory Pies: Found at the Clement St Farmers Market

It took nine months for Nicholas Lee to be happy with his pastry recipe. The proprietor of Sage Bakehouse, a savory hand pie stand at the Clement Street Farmers’ Market, knew that the crust, more [...]

Farmers Market Beet: A dish even beet haters will love

Ask 100 people their opinion on beets and you are likely to find yourself among two divided camps: beet lovers and beet haters. Beet lovers can’t get enough of them, and generally, the earthier tasting [...]

Farmers Market Beet: Nothing sweeter for strawberries than roasting

If you’ve visited the farmers market in the last few weeks you’ve likely smelled the strawberries before you’ve actually seen them. Their sweet smell is so prominent that it lingers in the isles long after [...]

Farmers Market Beet: Pasture-raised eggs elevate brunch

Nothing symbolizes spring better than eggs, especially at the Marin Farmers Market where glorious pasture-raised eggs abound. Anyone who has eaten a pasture-raised egg will tell you that there is just no comparison. Pasture-raised eggs [...]

Farmers Market Beet: Leeks are mightier than they appear

Alliums — think onions, garlic, chives and leeks — are plentiful at the farmers market this time of year. Leeks, arguably the most versatile of the allium family, are not only packed with cancer-fighting properties, [...]

Farmers Market Beet: Baby artichokes don’t require tender handling

If you have ever picked up a baby artichoke at the farmers market and tried to envision yourself scraping the little leaves against your teeth or removing the fuzzy hairs from the button-sized heart with [...]

Farmers Market Beet: Fava beans are worth the effort

OK, so maybe Andrew Carnegie wasn’t talking about fava beans when he said, “Anything in life worth having is worth working for,” but it’s certainly a fitting quote. With two layers of shell, fava beans, [...]

Farmers Market Beet: Collards can do just about anything you need

If there was a popularity contest in the veggie world, collard greens just might be crowned king. Extremely nutrient dense, collards are high in vitamins A, C and K, as well as iron, calcium, selenium [...]

Farmers Market Beet: Asparagus, the surest sign of spring

Asparagus, it’s finally here! After a winter full of hardy vegetables, the light and tender asparagus is a welcome sight at the Marin Farmers Market. With only 4 calories a spear, asparagus packs a nutritional [...]

Farmers Market Beet: For a surprising pop, try fennel

Florence fennel, the bulb variety you can find at the Marin Farmers Market this week, is considered a mid-fall to early-spring vegetable. One cup of fennel contains less than 30 calories but almost 20 percent [...]

Farmers Market Beet: Don’t let stinging nettles scare you

Springtime in Northern California brings lots of beautiful greens to our gardens, farmers markets, our fields and forests. Stinging nettles are one wild favorite, despite their off-putting name. Although they can produce a stinging sensation [...]

Farmers Market Beet: Miner’s lettuce, a worthy weed

Sometimes called winter purslane, Indian lettuce or spring beauty, miner’s lettuce is a crisp, tender and succulent green. The name miner’s lettuce harkens back to the California Gold Rush days when miners ate it to [...]

Farmers Market Beet: Watermelon radish as colorful as it is peppery

There are more varieties of radishes at the farmers market than you could ever imagine, all with different shapes, colors and flavors. Breakfast, Easter egg, daikon, black Spanish, watermelon and more brighten up farmers’ tables [...]

10 Top Farmers Markets

Juicy heirloom tomatoes and just-picked strawberries. Super-sweet peaches shaped like mini UFOs. Artisanal cheeses, emerald-green olive oils, local wildflower honey—California’s farmers’ markets are culinary adventures, a chance to see, taste, and learn about the incredible [...]

Report urges Marin and region to be vigilant in protecting farms from development

Marin and the Bay Area should do more to protect local ranches and farms that produce local food that ends up on breakfast, lunch and dinner plates across the region, according to a new report. [...]

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